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Book Signing — Mary Kay Andrews
Guests / May 12, 2005

The thing I like about a book signing when you go with someone else you make it into an “event” by always combining with food. Or drinks. I can do drinks too. But the best part is the anticipation. M and I were the only ones who could make it to the Mary Kay Andrews (MKA) signing last night in Plano, but we had a blast. MKA is delightful in person and we learned all the secrets of a best selling book– I’d be happy to share them with the world. It is brainstorming in a bubble bath!! Geez, I do some of my best reading in the bath! Uh, except when the book takes a nose dive into the bubbles, that is a bit of a downer, but otherwise, a nice warm tub of bubbles, a glass of merlot, scented candles burning and I’m set for a good read. And for MKA, it is a time to brainstorm her next book! I say go for it! Hissy Fit is her latest book. The tale of what happens in a small town after a bride finds her groom doing the nasty with her best friend and maid of honor during…