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Guests / May 14, 2005

To be very honest, I’ve never kept a reading journal as I never saw the point. I remember the good of what I’ve read and if a book has me pondering, well, then I might reread it or not. Reading has and I hope always will be entertainment and not a vessel of confounded thinking. But I digress, I think I’m supposed to note books I’ve read since last posting, uh, that would be yesterday’s readings. Yes, the procedure went well and I had the chance to finish three books. Mystic and Rider, Extreme Exposure, and The Veil of Night. Told you I had to have variety when I read 🙂 The Veil of Night is what I’d call an erotic gothic — set in a crumbling Yorkshire manor, filled with dark cold stone rooms, moldering furnishings, and a windswept rainy environment to complete the aura of gothickness (new word by the way). Then the author tossed in more than normal explicit sexual descriptions in a tale of sexual slavery for one week to cover the debts (or at least put repayment off until the parents die) of heroine’s dissolute brother. Yeah, a sorta standard tale for historicals, the twist…