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Reading Update
Guests / May 18, 2005

I finished Snowed In by Christina Bartolomeo. I knew it wasn’t romance, but more like women’s fiction, so wasn’t expecting a happy ending. I was however primed for an ending that left me feeling satisfied. I turned the last page(didn’t know it was the last page at the time) and went HUH? I can’t quite express it, but the final paragraph doesn’t leave you to believe it’s truly the fnal paragraph. After finishing Snowed In I chose to read A Date With The Other Side by Erin McCarthy. In between band concerts, and suffering the yuch brought on by my allergies I managed to finish it in the wee hours before work this morning. I really enjoyed this one. It was my first read by this author, and I’m pleased to announce I have at least one more in the TBR pile. A Date With The Other Side does have a paranormal element in it, and while it plays a big part in the story line I didn’t feel like it was so highlighted that the book could have been classified as paranormal. Now I’m undecided about what to read. So I’ll sign off, and go through the TBR pile….