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I made it!
Guests / May 15, 2005

Well, I made it, and I’m currently reading Snowed In by Christina Bartolomeo(hopefully I spelled that right, as I don’t have the book by me) It’s not what I would consider romance, though that’s the way it was billed. I would consider it more a piece of women’s fiction. It’s my first read by this author, and I’m not yet finished, so haevn’t formed a complete opinion. Sandi Visit to learn more about books and authors.

What are you reading?
Guests / May 15, 2005

OK I just figured out how to get signed up for this blog so here I am. Since I was already a Blogger member it was pretty easy. I’m going to try to post these weekly. And feel free to give us your comments!Time for my weekly update on what I’m reading…I FINALLY found time to finish Konig Cursebreakers and really enjoyed it. In this one, Brenna Lyons is telling two stories in one as well. I’ve only read a few of hers so far, but of the three I read, two were like this, where half the story is about one couple and half the story is about another, though they both tie in together. This book tells the continuing story of siblings Hunter and Erin Konig. Now for my review to get written. LOL I started Loki’s Sin by Saje Williams a few days ago and it is quite interesting. I guess I’d class it as an urban fantasy, with an interesting paranormal thread through it. I’m looking forward to reading farther in this one. I finished Celtic Fire by Joy Nash, her debut Dorchester book and it was really good as well. Now I just need to…

Stroll down memory lane
Guests / May 15, 2005

On a recent “TRASH” trip to St. Louis, I managed to pick up books by two of my childhood — well, young girl in the 60s/70s — favorites: Jane Aiken Hodge and Mary Stewart. Not only did it bring back memories of reading in a sun warmed room, or dusty hideaway, but also memories of adventure outside the farming community I lived. Mary Stewart brought a sophisticated international world into existence for me, especially with her tale of Greek Isles, Corfu and the dangers of the Cold War. Wildfire at Midnight was one of my first tastes of Greece and I wanted so badly to go and stay in a villa, bronze in the warm sun, swim in the blue seas, and eat olives. Surely the Greek olives were better than the ones stuffed with pimentos and hauled out in the relish dish for big Pennsylvania Dutch dinners at our house. And I understand they even used olive oil, which was definitely NOT an ingredient in our Mennonite/Amish cooking! Ah, what Stewart exposed me to dream about! The Spell of Mary Stewart is a book club (Nelson, Doubleday) hardback without dust jacket, published in 1968 with three of Stewart’s classics:…

Gothic, suspense and fantasy
Guests / May 14, 2005

To be very honest, I’ve never kept a reading journal as I never saw the point. I remember the good of what I’ve read and if a book has me pondering, well, then I might reread it or not. Reading has and I hope always will be entertainment and not a vessel of confounded thinking. But I digress, I think I’m supposed to note books I’ve read since last posting, uh, that would be yesterday’s readings. Yes, the procedure went well and I had the chance to finish three books. Mystic and Rider, Extreme Exposure, and The Veil of Night. Told you I had to have variety when I read 🙂 The Veil of Night is what I’d call an erotic gothic — set in a crumbling Yorkshire manor, filled with dark cold stone rooms, moldering furnishings, and a windswept rainy environment to complete the aura of gothickness (new word by the way). Then the author tossed in more than normal explicit sexual descriptions in a tale of sexual slavery for one week to cover the debts (or at least put repayment off until the parents die) of heroine’s dissolute brother. Yeah, a sorta standard tale for historicals, the twist…

Hello There
Guests / May 13, 2005

Just a hello to try out my the new Fresh Fiction blog. Everyone have a good day.Robyn Visit to learn more about books and authors.

Reading for a surgery center
Guests / May 13, 2005

Yup, time to spend the day in the surgery center, waiting for my husband’s treatment to be finished, and nothing much to do except watch a really lame series of programs on the television which I’d normally never be exposed. Now, I can sit in suspension while wondering how people can handle that pap, but I’ve learned over the years that the boob tube does seem to have a mesmerizing hold on millions, something I’ll never understand. So instead, I pack up my bottled water, my sweater — it is always freezing in waiting rooms — and BOOKS. Yes, plural, books. Although the wait should only be about two hours before I’m allowed back into recovery, I always feel the need to take a selection of reading material. I’ve found my mood can dramatically change once I get there. So, I’ve got a scifi, a fantasy, a torrid romance and a historical. If I pack more, I can’t carry it all. So, here’s to hoping he has a safe procedure and my reading progresses nicely.My choices today include: THE COURTESAN by Susan Carroll, HOT ICE by Cherry Adair, MYSTIC AND RIDER by Sharon Shinn, and a David Weber. Also taking…

Book Signing — Mary Kay Andrews
Guests / May 12, 2005

The thing I like about a book signing when you go with someone else you make it into an “event” by always combining with food. Or drinks. I can do drinks too. But the best part is the anticipation. M and I were the only ones who could make it to the Mary Kay Andrews (MKA) signing last night in Plano, but we had a blast. MKA is delightful in person and we learned all the secrets of a best selling book– I’d be happy to share them with the world. It is brainstorming in a bubble bath!! Geez, I do some of my best reading in the bath! Uh, except when the book takes a nose dive into the bubbles, that is a bit of a downer, but otherwise, a nice warm tub of bubbles, a glass of merlot, scented candles burning and I’m set for a good read. And for MKA, it is a time to brainstorm her next book! I say go for it! Hissy Fit is her latest book. The tale of what happens in a small town after a bride finds her groom doing the nasty with her best friend and maid of honor during…

Guests / May 11, 2005

Just wanted to let you know I accepted the invitation so generously sent to join Fresh Fiction’s BLOG. I can hardly wait to read all the exciting details posted here. Visit to learn more about books and authors.

Curious and what?
Guests / May 11, 2005

Just invited to check out a group of authors on their blog who are helping a readers group become more exciting. Now, color me stupid, but unless those readers are part of an active readers group, know the trials and tribulations of keeping a group dynamic and growing, isn’t it asking for just a general well-meaning opinion? I really don’t get it. I’d rather ask advice from a group similar to the one I’d be trying to grow — uh, say, another readers group, one that appears successful, than a bunch of people trying to sell something. Yup, you’re right, I haven’t had a full pot of coffee yet and I’m feeling my pain. I’m excited though. Tonight our reading group is meeting Mary Kay Andrews. This is sorta thrilling since she is definitely NOT romance, but straight fiction. I checked out the copyright page in Hissy Fit and for the Library of Congress classification purposes (am I the ONLY one who reads that for a grin?) her work is “Fiction, Southern States,” “Fiction, Revenge,” and “Fiction, Young Girls.” Silly me, I didn’t realize that “revenge” is a library classification. Thinking on it, there are lots of books I would…