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My weekly update on reading
Guests / June 5, 2005

Well not hardly anything has changed from last week for me. I finished Loki’s Sin by Saje Williams and it was a wonderful book, with lots of twists and turns and surprises. It ended somewhat abruptly, but I expect that is because it was set up for there to be a sequel to it. So I’ll be awaiting that to come out eventually. I’m still working on Dawn on a Distant Shore by Sara Donati in audio and I’m actually getting bored with it. The first one was SO much better I think. I’m also listening to Left Behind Book 2: Tribulation Force by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins in audio at work. In paper I’m still working on Carved in Stone by Vickie Taylor and it is starting to pick up a bit. I also started another eBook, the 6th installment in Janet Lane Walters’ All Our Yesterdays series. This one takes place in Japan. Visit to learn more about books and authors.

Why I like longish road trips…
Guests / June 5, 2005

Because if I’m not driving and the road isn’t too rough, I can READ!!!! Yup, we did a family road trip to Canton, to the huge flea markets there and in 90plus heat with tremendous humidity — oh, please let it rain — and not a breeze to be felt! Nothing particular to buy, but trying to hit it one time before the HEAT of summer. At least it wasn’t crowded, everyone else stayed home in the coolness. Had two books with me, well, I knew I wasn’t going to be able to read too much — an ARC of a NY Times bestseller-to-be and the new QuickBooks manual. Guess which one was more interesting? They were both filled with confusion, backtracking and obstruction, but at least I’ll get something out of the QB and it allows me to have a decent conversation with others. The ARC on the other hand, was painful to read and I’ll have to temper my opinion until it comes out this summer. ::sigh:: The author is obviously trying a new style of writing and geez was it painful! It showed all the plot holes, lack of research (or quality research) and a fundamental lack…