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Monday Blahs!
Guests / June 6, 2005

It’s Monday, and after a fabulous Sunday with the tea group at brunch, the signing, and the chilling out afterwards I’m suffering let down. As was stated it’s really enjoyable getting together with this group and debating the good, the bad, and the indifferent as to different authors, genres, and lives in general. Who would have thought that such a diverse group could get along so well, and not have someone running off screaming and causing a scene. I do have to disagree with Sara on one small part…yesterday several of us did all agree that we totally enjoyed Mr. Perfect by Linda Howard. Today I decided to maybe tackle the pit I call my bedroom. I didn’t get very far before my book was yelling louder than the mess. So I sat down and finally finished my book A New Lu by Laura Castoro. I still don’t understand the image uploading, so for a look at the cover, and the blurb here’s a link. This at least I think I can handle. Now I’m going to sit down and read Sweetgrass by Mary Alice Monroe. I’ve only read one book by her previously, and really enjoyed it, but I…

Enchanted in Dallas
Guests / June 6, 2005

Our tea group did the chick-lit thing yesterday — aren’t we just on the cusp? And what is that you may inquire or not, well, let me tell you. We met in one of the best people watching (and be seen) spots on McKinney Avenue for brunch (just like the best of the best in NYC, Dallas has a lively albeit smallish, action avenue), then we trooped (or trudged) in the heat down a couple of blocks to the Uptown Borders for a booksigning with a chick-lit author, followed by a cooldown, sitdown, gab session in the cafe. That’s the summary, so now to the details… Breadwinners Cafe is located on McKinney Avenue, with a trolley stop in front, and on a 11am Sunday morning was CROWDED with the beautiful Dallasites eating out on the shaded patios, sipping mimosas, peach bellinis, or leafy bloody marys, or hanging out waiting for a table and people-watching. The wait was interesting as we sat on the stone wall, waiting for our entire party to arrive. We saw our famous person of the day — Greg Fields — and his beautiful wife leaving. He looked like he’d had a great brunch. He’s a local…