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Guests / June 10, 2005

I’m back from vacation and boy did I get some good reading in! What a week of no cell phones, no computers and no television can do to catch you on your “to be read” pile! I started the week by reading one of the latest in the Murder, She Wrote series “The Maine Mutiny”, written by Donald Bain. I love watching reruns of this series on A&E and just love getting the latest copy of these books when they come out! In fact, I e-mailed Donald Bain and told him to keep on writing, because I would keep on buying and he personally wrote me back to say he was glad to know he had readers out there! After my mystery fix, I had to get some romance in and boy did I pick a pair of winners! I read some rave reviews of Nora Roberts new Garden series so I stopped by my local bookseller and bought the first two that were out. The series begin with Blue Dahlia , published last November and let me tell you, it was a great read! I loved the romance, the suspense, the mystery! Did I mention that there is a…

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Guests / June 10, 2005

A big weekend in Dallas for signings — tonight we have the Naughty Girls of Downtown Press. They’ll be signing at the Waldenbooks in Lewisville at 6pm and we’ll be going out after to talk about them. Yeah, we’ll be chatting about them and I’m already conflicted, but we’ll see. All their books are trade size, so this will either break the book budget or we’ll just smile nice. I heard LETHAL was very good, but I haven’t gotten it to read and the excerpt didn’t really grab me. However, I might take along my reading glasses and give it a look before making the BIG decision. Doing the sour grapes whine because as for most of us, money is tight and at $13 plus per book, book purchase decision is a BIG deal these days. When you spend as much as I do on books and read as fast as I do, getting one book versus two or three means that one book better be darned terrific! Besides, we’re doing dinner after and I’ll need a margarita after dealing with the traffic to get to Lewisville by 6pm! Timing is EVERYTHING. Back to the purchase dilemma — how are…