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Bookaholics habits
Guests / June 18, 2005

Today I’m sorta babysitting my husband, the pain shot/ mini surgery didn’t go so well yesterday so we’re taking turns watching for any loss of movement, etc. Or, in other words, I really can’t concentrate on anything other than doing my hourly checkups on him. Plus being a good wife, I keep him company watching old movies. But I digress… I was musing on my bookaholic habits; I have a book or two for the odd and ends readings in both cars, one in each handbag, one in the bathroom, a few on end tables in the living room, bedroom and any other room I might just land for a minute. Thinking about these books as I straightened up for Book Club this week, I realized all were either “comfort reads” or “marginal reads.” Descriptions so we can continue on the same page. A “comfort read” is an old friend book, one I read repeatedly because the read makes me feel good, or represents a place to take me away from reality, is a good cry book, or I just really really love the voice of the author. A “marginal read” is a book that isn’t bad, but it isn’t…