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Do you need a Brawny Man?
Guests / June 20, 2005

I really think I’m insulted by this — or at least it has definitely put me off buying Brawny towels. Have you SEEN the “innocent escapes” from Good grief, it’s enough to make you barf. The shirt has to go and his sensitivity? And they spent TWO years researching what women really want? I’d just take a man using a brawny towel to do the cleanup!! Okay, enough with the ranting….enjoy the innocence!!! ~sara Visit to learn more about books and authors.

What I’m Reading
Guests / June 20, 2005

Let’s see, what have I read this past week? I had a really busy week so didn’t get as much reading in as I usually do. In audio, I’m still working on Left Behind book 3: Nicolae in the car. I’m about halfway through it so far. At work, I’m listening to lake in the Clouds by Sara Donati. I had been listening to LitC in the car and N at work but I had to swap them out. There’s something wrong with the tapes for LitC which I borrowed form the library and the sound is messed up, so it can barely be heard, even at full volume. But with earphones I can hear it just fine. Go figure. LOL So now it’s my work book. In paper, I finished up Madeline Hunter’s Lord of Sin this weekend. In spite of the minimal reading time I’ve had lately, I still finished this one up in a week, which was quick considering. I took it with me to the gym for my exercising and read while I biked. LOL This book was great and I can’t wait for the next one. I love how she worked so much into the…