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Bitten, Stolen & Lost Sleep
Guests / June 7, 2005

I apologize in advance for any mistakes ths post will have. I haven’t slept the past 2 nites. Two good friends, who shall remain blamed not blameless, got me hooked by giving me the first two books in the Kelly Armstrong “Women of the Otherworld” series. You might say on Sunday night I was BITTEN, and Monday night was STOLEN from me if you were as slap happy as I am at the moment. I am truly surprised and thrilled to find a new take on a genre I thought was “So Five Minutes Ago”. Now, must cut this short since my husband is back from the bookstore with DIME STORE MAGIC; the third book in the series. My own copies of these two titles along with INDUSTRIAL MAGIC and HAUNTED(just released) should be here in a few days from Amazon. Maybe before they get here I can get some sleep!! Visit to learn more about books and authors.

Monday Blahs!
Guests / June 6, 2005

It’s Monday, and after a fabulous Sunday with the tea group at brunch, the signing, and the chilling out afterwards I’m suffering let down. As was stated it’s really enjoyable getting together with this group and debating the good, the bad, and the indifferent as to different authors, genres, and lives in general. Who would have thought that such a diverse group could get along so well, and not have someone running off screaming and causing a scene. I do have to disagree with Sara on one small part…yesterday several of us did all agree that we totally enjoyed Mr. Perfect by Linda Howard. Today I decided to maybe tackle the pit I call my bedroom. I didn’t get very far before my book was yelling louder than the mess. So I sat down and finally finished my book A New Lu by Laura Castoro. I still don’t understand the image uploading, so for a look at the cover, and the blurb here’s a link. This at least I think I can handle. Now I’m going to sit down and read Sweetgrass by Mary Alice Monroe. I’ve only read one book by her previously, and really enjoyed it, but I…

Enchanted in Dallas
Guests / June 6, 2005

Our tea group did the chick-lit thing yesterday — aren’t we just on the cusp? And what is that you may inquire or not, well, let me tell you. We met in one of the best people watching (and be seen) spots on McKinney Avenue for brunch (just like the best of the best in NYC, Dallas has a lively albeit smallish, action avenue), then we trooped (or trudged) in the heat down a couple of blocks to the Uptown Borders for a booksigning with a chick-lit author, followed by a cooldown, sitdown, gab session in the cafe. That’s the summary, so now to the details… Breadwinners Cafe is located on McKinney Avenue, with a trolley stop in front, and on a 11am Sunday morning was CROWDED with the beautiful Dallasites eating out on the shaded patios, sipping mimosas, peach bellinis, or leafy bloody marys, or hanging out waiting for a table and people-watching. The wait was interesting as we sat on the stone wall, waiting for our entire party to arrive. We saw our famous person of the day — Greg Fields — and his beautiful wife leaving. He looked like he’d had a great brunch. He’s a local…

My weekly update on reading
Guests / June 5, 2005

Well not hardly anything has changed from last week for me. I finished Loki’s Sin by Saje Williams and it was a wonderful book, with lots of twists and turns and surprises. It ended somewhat abruptly, but I expect that is because it was set up for there to be a sequel to it. So I’ll be awaiting that to come out eventually. I’m still working on Dawn on a Distant Shore by Sara Donati in audio and I’m actually getting bored with it. The first one was SO much better I think. I’m also listening to Left Behind Book 2: Tribulation Force by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins in audio at work. In paper I’m still working on Carved in Stone by Vickie Taylor and it is starting to pick up a bit. I also started another eBook, the 6th installment in Janet Lane Walters’ All Our Yesterdays series. This one takes place in Japan. Visit to learn more about books and authors.

Why I like longish road trips…
Guests / June 5, 2005

Because if I’m not driving and the road isn’t too rough, I can READ!!!! Yup, we did a family road trip to Canton, to the huge flea markets there and in 90plus heat with tremendous humidity — oh, please let it rain — and not a breeze to be felt! Nothing particular to buy, but trying to hit it one time before the HEAT of summer. At least it wasn’t crowded, everyone else stayed home in the coolness. Had two books with me, well, I knew I wasn’t going to be able to read too much — an ARC of a NY Times bestseller-to-be and the new QuickBooks manual. Guess which one was more interesting? They were both filled with confusion, backtracking and obstruction, but at least I’ll get something out of the QB and it allows me to have a decent conversation with others. The ARC on the other hand, was painful to read and I’ll have to temper my opinion until it comes out this summer. ::sigh:: The author is obviously trying a new style of writing and geez was it painful! It showed all the plot holes, lack of research (or quality research) and a fundamental lack…

Hectic Week?!?!?
Guests / June 3, 2005

I have sent my family off this morning so this afternoon (now that I am done with work) I am settling down to a much deserved bubble bath and I am going to finish Every Which Way But Dead. So far, it has been highly entertaining, but there is so much crammed into this book, I am having a hard time keeping it straight. My sister has organized my bookshelfs, now in alphabetical order. I even have a spot in the hardbacks with a note indicating it is reserved for Harry Potter #6. Now I’m off to get a snack and get back to that book! Visit to learn more about books and authors.

Cool down in Texas heat with…
Guests / June 2, 2005

Ever thought about reading a “winter” mystery during the hot, hot blaze of a Texas summer? Well, I didn’t until M. brought a new book to my attention. It’s a novel idea, don’t you think? What better way to cool down then to think SNOW. Like the old movie, Holiday Inn, I’m singing off-key in my head “snow, snow, snow…” but I’m not getting any cooler. In the fifth installment of the Emma Fielding series the archaeologist-turned-sleuth (isn’t that an interesting career shift?) finds herself knee deep in snow and trouble during an archaeological conference when her esteemed colleague. Professor Garrison, is found dead on the iced-over lake at the New Hampshire hotel. Did she kill off her boss or did someone else have a grudge against her peer? You’ll have to read MORE BITTER THAN DEATH to find out. Visit to learn more about books and authors.

Trying yet again!
Guests / June 1, 2005

Today I’ve decided I’m going to master posting images and links. Let’s see if I succeed or not. If I succeed I’ll graciously accept all accolades, and if I fail I’ll beg forgiveness for taking up time and space! I’m currently reading Sexy Lexy by Kate Moore. This is going to be my official first read of summer. I started it on Tuesday evening, and have already managed about 130 pages of the 324 in the book. So far it’s a fun lighthearted read, and if your planning a vacation would make a nice addition to the suitcase. I’m still trying to figure out the exact formatting here, but I’m hoping this is better than my previous try. I’m also including a link that I hope works this time. So now I’m going to sign off, and check my work, and see if I’ve mastered a task that I’m sure my 12 year old could do in his sleep, but which seems to be ever elusive to me! Sandi Visit to learn more about books and authors.