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Monthly THANK YOU to Sara
Guests / July 22, 2005

Once again we all met at Sara’s and gathered around her dining room table for food, drink, and of course conversation. The guest Lois Greiman was very nice to speak with, and even had questions for all of us. Of course, I had to remind everyone I like women’s fiction, and don’t mind if a book doesn’t have a happy ending. I’m the oddball…the rest of the group has to have the HEA. Ok..I’ve been on a whirlwind of travel. Often I can read while I travel, and accomplish a lot of good reading, but this trip I was busy playing with my anniversary gift of a new laptop instead. Yes, it could be used to read e-books, but I didn’t. So now to the good stuff…what I’ve read. Since my last update I have read Unzipped by Lois Greiman. It’s her debut mystery, and was an enjoyable read. It was the first book in what promises to be an entertaining series. I also read Lakeside Cottage by Susan Wiggs and author who I’m fast beginning to really enjoy. Lakeside Cottage does have romance in it, but I would consider it more women’s fiction. Lakeside Cottage is one of my…