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Guests / July 26, 2005

I realized I haven’t posted in here in a couple weeks. I’m not going to backtrack the past couple weeks but I’m going to try to remember to keep doing this weekly at least. Well my vacation officially started this past Friday and I have great plans for reading this week. I pulled out about 10 books that I’m hoping to get through. So next week my reading list may be large if all goes according to plan. 🙂 I finished Harry Potter 6 on CD this past week and I loved it! I was stunned a few times with the turns events took. And yes she did kill someone else off, but that’s no secret since she’s not been hiding the fact that would happen this book. But I’m not saying anything as to who since I don’t want to spoil it for anyone. All I can say is when the person died I actually yelled “NO you CAN’T do that to us!!” Fortunately no one was here to hear that except my cats and they are used to me bursting out with some reaction to something. LOL I’m still working on Volume 3 of the Legends anthology too….