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Leanne signs copies of Feet First
Guests / September 8, 2005

Leanne signs copies of Feet First Originally uploaded by freshfiction. We had a fabulous time on Wednesday night at the GRAND LUX CAFE at the Galleria Dallas. Appetizers were plentiful and varied, entrees were delicious, with enough for everyone to have a “lunch” bag, even those who shared, and the desserts — well, you just had to be there *grin* And, oh, yes, a delightful guest! Ms LEANNE BANKS regaled us with stories of her family — so like ours — her books and her life on the road, uh, just navigating in Texas, etc. *grin* FEET FIRST is now available and it is a fun fun read. We highly recommend it and hope to see Leanne again when she hits North Texas once — can’t always promise you a convertible, though. Visit to learn more about books and authors.

NeXt For me
Guests / September 6, 2005

Well, survived another holiday weekend — why do they always seem to be so busy? It’s supposed to be a weekend for kicking back and instead you end up doing more around the house and in this case, for my “job.” Well, not to complain, too much. We’re getting ready to have an author dinner — Leanne Banks. Her latest book is FEET FIRST and it’s about SHOES. I think that goes with feet theme, don’t you? From those in the group who’ve read it, they say it is great fun! I’ll try to get a copy before the dinner. This past week it was hard for me to concentrate on much of anything, the horrors on the television, the radio, and even my inbox, were hard to understand and to absorb. New Orleans holds a special place in my memories — my entire family has spent some good times, uh, scary adventures (some people in the family are directionally challenged) there and it is hard to connect the broadcast images with memories. I thought perhaps I’d read some books set in NOLA, but I found I could not. So, instead I read a book set in another steamy locale…

What I’m reading – week of Labor Day
Guests / September 5, 2005

Well I finally finished Gabriel’s Ghost by Linnea Sinclair last night. I had a hard time with this one due to not a whole lot of reading time and getting confused over some of the technical aspects of her world. That’s why I usually stick to fantasy more then straight sci-fi. But I stuck it out, even only squeezing in one chapter at a time here and there and finally finished it last night before bedtime. It got really good the more I got into it and there were some big surprises in the final third of the book. After that I started Dark Desires by Eve Silver, and advance copy for I got for a book being released in November. In audio I have Fiery Cross Part 2 going t work, Left Behind 6 in the car and I’m trying to do Luanne Rice‘s Follow the Stars Home at home. But it’s from the library and I’m on tape 2 and so far both tapes have been really messed up and can barely hear them. I’ll have to report that when I take them to the library so they can try to fix them. I’ve also got Left Behind…

Better late than never!
Guests / September 4, 2005

Well, it’s been forever since I posted about what I read. I know you’ve all been sitting on pins and needles just waiting for me! (If anyone including me believes that then I think we all have another think coming!) Before I get to the fun stuff let me take a moment to offer my prayers and thoughts to any and all who might have been affected by Hurricane Katrine. If anyone knows where I might donate some mens clothing I’d love to know about it. Mike has a bunch of stuff from his skinny days that he can’t wear, and probably won’t ever have need of again. I tried to do some searching, but seems like everyone needs/wants cash. That is unfortuantely not something I can really offer at the moment. School has started, and I’m looking to books to escape. I’ve read some good stuff, and some probably not so great stuff. I have to stretch my memory skills to remember what I read in August. Oh wait…I can use my booklist! Ahhh…the one area of my life that I’m almost totally organized in. Here no particlar order:Almost Perfect and Just Perfect by Julie Ortolon. These are…