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Yay! Feehan debuts in audio…
Guests / November 18, 2005

Christine Feehan’s first audio book was released today!! Can you tell I’m excited? LOL Dark Guardian is the first book by Dorchester to be made in to audio. Next month… Dark Prince and January 2006, Dark Desire. I’ve been waiting for her books to come out in audio ever since I got hooked on this format a couple years ago. And the best part is that it’s UNabridged! I’ll be ordering my copy from Dorchester this weekend, on CD. Here’s the link to the announcement at Dorchester’s Website in case you are interested: Visit to learn more about books and authors.

Worth a giggle — Fabio and NASCAR
Guests / November 14, 2005

THE COLBERT REPORT NASCAR has entered into a licensing agreement allowing Harlequin to publish steamy novels with racing themes, with titles like Into the Groove and Dangerous Curves. This is a terrible idea. NASCAR is one of the final frontiers of male bonding, where the love of speed and horrible car accidents draws men to together to drink beer and high-five. The only women who should be allowed into this holy speedway are the ones willing to be turned into meaningless objects to be leered at by gearheads. Hey, Harlequin, we don’t drive racecars through your wildflower meadows. Don’t put Fabio in our firesuits. Unfortunately, there are things you just don’t make up… So you think both NASCAR and Harlequin really think this is a match made in heaven? Who wants to read a romance set in the race pit? Have you checked out the guys who go to the races? Most of the ones I know leave their families behind for a weekend of unchecked “fun” Visit to learn more about books and authors.

Kate Charles and Marcia Talley Go Bi-Coastal
Guests / November 9, 2005

Check out the tour diary of Marcia Talley and Kate Charles. They called it the “saints and sinners tour” but when they stopped in Plano, we thought they were just being saintly *G*. Visit to learn more about books and authors.

Uptown Signing: Mystery, Fantasy, Contemporary, Mayhem
Guests / November 9, 2005

After much indecision, I felt the fates align and trooped off to the Uptown signing on Saturday. I wasn’t expecting too much, but did hope my knee wouldn’t give out completely as the last shot was a KILLER. It was one of those pleasant November days in North Texas, nice wind, but not blustering; warm, but not sweltering, a great day to be out and about. And so after a quick lunch at my husband’s favorite deli in North Dallas — Jersey Joe’s — we were off to the Uptown Borders for a signing by several North Texas authors. An eclectic mix, non-fiction photography collection to hard-boiled detective mystery to modern fantasy to women’s fiction to I’m not sure what to call the last one. Hmmm… Noting the new hours of the Chase Bank next door, I was unceremoniously dumped with the camera bag and my shopping bags while he went off to buy a few quarters. After all, he needed something to jiggle in his pockets to annoy me and the daughter in college ran out of laundry change and we really didn’t want her coming home with two suitcases of dirty laundry. I wonder if he really believes…

What I read – Halloween week
Guests / November 6, 2005

In eBook, I finished The Flyers by Jennifer Cloud a few days ago, and immediately moved on to Treading the Labyrinth by Rae Morgan. In audio I finished The Talisman by Stephen King and Peter Straub in the car. Now in the car I’m listening to Ghost Moon by Karen Robards. At work I finished Left Behind 9: Desecration – Antichrist Takes the Throne by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B Jenkins and moved on to Left Behind 10: The Remnant – On the Brink of Armageddon by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B Jenkins. I also finished White Oleander by Janet Fitch at work this past week.I finally reached the top of the waiting list at the library for Black Rose by Nora Roberts so I picked it up today and started listening to it at home today while I did housework. In paper, I’m still working on Time of the Wolf by Julie D’Arcy which is quite good. Visit to learn more about books and authors.