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What I read over the holiday week
Guests / December 26, 2005

So did everyone have a wonderful holiday? Mine was great… Got lots of time in with my niece and nephews. 🙂 I finished four books on vacation. (I went home to PA for the holidays and have been here a week. Back to TX tomorrow.) Granted two of those I started before I left for vacation but… I finished In Stone’s Clasp by Christie Golden this week, on the plane trip here. This was the second in her Final Dance series for Luna. Last night I finished Battle for Barnstable by Alan M Brooker, a horror novel from Amber Quill Press. I also started and completed reading both the first and second books in Elizabeth White‘s Texas Gatekeepers series for Love Inspired Suspense. These were Under Cover of Darkness and Sounds of Silence. These were the first books from this line I’ve read and I enjoyed them quite a bit. Now I’m reading Cupid Inc by Michele Bardsley, due out in February. It’s a one author anthology and is quite steamy! And very funny too. I’m about 20 pages from finishing the second story. I also picked the 9th book in Angela Verdenius‘ Heart and Soul series last night, Heart…

What are you reading?
Guests / December 5, 2005

Wow! Where is everybody? I guess everyone’s out doing the holiday thing. I always do mine early so while everyone else is stressing over it, I can relax a bit. 🙂Well I finished my advance copy of Touch of Evil, the new book by CT Adams and Cathy Clamp due out in March. Excellent book! Gritty and well done, with a take charge kind of gal for the heroine and her sexy werewolf beau, Tom. Totally different world then their Sazi books, but just as good. Next up in paper is In Stone’s Clasp by Christie Golden. In audio I finished Brenda Joyce‘s House of Dreams. Good gothic romance with some creepy moments, as well as some over the top moments. In electronic, I’m still working on Some Enchanted Autumn by Linda Andrews (?) – I am blanking on the author but I think this is who it is. In audio I’m working on House of Echoes by Barbara Erskine in the car. This is another good gothic story. I’m loving it and want to rive longer than necessary to see what’s next. At the office I’m working on Dean Koontz’s Fear Nothing. I’m not enjoying this one as much,…