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What are you reading?
Guests / May 29, 2006

I’ve not been doing very good about keeping up on this. LOL Currently I am reading Here with Me by Holly Jacobs (due out in July) in print and A Mistress for Marcos by Ellen Ashe (due out June 23) in eBook format. So far both are very good, but I have yet to go wrong with anything by either of these two authors. In audio format I am listening to Once a Thief by Michelle Hauf and Dragondrums by Anne McCaffrey. Both of these are very good so far though I keep getting distracted from OaT since I’ve been listening primarily at work. Other recent reads or listened I’ve finished this week are Beguiled by Alice Borchardt (audio abridged), Lion in the Valley by Elizabeth Peters (audio unabridged), Captive Moon by C T Adams and Cathy Clamp (due out in August and the latest Sazi series book), The Sorcerer’s Mark by Ellen Ashe and Midnight Tryst by Ellen Ashe. Visit to learn more about books and authors.

What I’ve been reading
Guests / May 16, 2006

I’ve not posted in here in ages. Too busy. So reading is somewhat slow going. My current reads are The Sorcerer’s Mark by Elen Ashe in eBook format, Captive Moon by CT Adams and Cathy Clamp (due out in August of this year and is the third book in their Sazi series) in print ARC format, Amelia Peabody 4 – Lion in the Valley in audio in the car, and Babylon Rising by Tim LaHaye and Greg Dinallo in audio at work. Other recent reads (in the past month or two) – Waiting for Odysseus by Janell Ramos, Lady of Sin by Madeline Hunter, Confessions of a Party Crasher by Holly Jacobs (due out in June), Touch the Dark by Karen Chance (due out in June), Dragonsong and Dragon Singers, books 1 and 2 in Anne McCaffrey’s Harper Hall trilogy, in audio. There were a few others in there too. I get through a LOT more audio than anything anymore, since I can listen a lot more often than I can read. Visit to learn more about books and authors.

Shanna Swendson at Borders Uptown
Guests / May 7, 2006

Shanna Swendson at Borders Uptown Originally uploaded by freshfiction. ONCE UPON STILETTOS is now in stores! And it was all over the Borders in Dallas Uptown! And we were there to get our copies (reading plus contest ones) during her Sunday signing. Out on the street — they were giving away free copies of the new coffee coca cola drink but inside we were having fun chatting about Katie’s next adventure in the NYC. In ONCE UPON STILETTOS, Katie’s parents win a trip to visit her for Thanksgiving and her roommates are ecstatic — Momma cooks a mean Thanksgiving spread even if there’s a difference of opinion over the type of dressing. Plus her relationship with fellow immune, lawyer Ethan is heating up! But what happens when there’s a spy in MSI and Katie’s tasked to find the culprit? Plus. what’s with the red shoes? Sure, they’re a bargain but suddenly Katie’s living the “Sex in the City” life as Carrie! No man can resist her! Magic, skeleton gangs, and chaos ensue! Hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did! The deli scene is priceless!! And I knew those garden gnomes were up to something! Visit to learn…

Bob Mayer Presents….
Guests / May 6, 2006

Bob Mayer Presents…. Originally uploaded by freshfiction. Thursday, May 4, 2006, after 32 days on the road, the traveling show of Jenny and Bob (romance novelist Jennifer Crusie and techno-thriller writer Bob Mayer) arrived at Rainy Day Books in Fairway, Kansas, to a full house. Jenny and Bob have been on a nationwide tour promoting their first collaborative effort, DON’T LOOK DOWN (St. Martin’s hardcover, 4/06). By now, both of them were exhausted and anxious to return home for a respite. However, their bantering and interaction with the attendees at the booksigning kept everyone laughing. When the final question was a request for them to read from DON’T LOOK DOWN, they were shocked. In all their appearances, they said no one had asked them to read an excerpt. After much reluctance, especially on Bob’s part, Jenny selected a section and they shared the recitation. A fun booksigning followed with Bob applying the appropriate ending – an alligator stamp at the bottom of the signature page. In July 2007, the Jenny and Bob duo will have another collaboration released — AGNES AND THE HITMAN — who knows what will happen after that. Reporters Tanzey Cutter and Suan Wilson Visit to…

Dreamin’ in Dallas reads
Guests / May 1, 2006

Since my VPN isn’t working tonight, I won’t be checking my email at work. What better thing to do than to update ya’ll on my current reading. As I sit here in the foothills of the Rockies outside of Denver there is a sign in the grass on the other side of the parking lot that says “Beware of Snakes. Enter at your own risk.” So, that means I won’t be going on a walk to get rid of some of the Cuban food we had for dinner. Instead I will be finishing off The Barbed Rose by Gail Dayton. I picked up Gail’s first book The Compass Rose at last year’s DARA “Dreamin’ in Dallas” event. I loved the book and I have been looking forward to the sequel. I picked up the second book at this year’s event, and I have finally found time to get started on it. Nothing better than a business trip to catch up on my reading. I don’t understand those folks who sit in the airport on their laptops when you can have a book in your hands. At any rate, I am enjoying the second story of Kallista and her Godmarked family…