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What I’ve been reading
Guests / June 13, 2006

For whatever reason the photo option is not working right today so I can’t include book covers. It SAYS the pictures are loading, but they’re not. So anyhow, here we go with the real post. You’ll have to imagine your own book covers. LOL Let’s see, what have I read in the past week or so? In paper, I finished The Grail King by Joy Nash, due out in August. Very good book, sequel to Celtic Fire. I also finished Baby Oh Baby by Teresa Southwick last week. Cute story, but typical “Baby brings couple together” storyline, though with a faint touch of paranormal in the form of a wish made on an old lamp. In audio I finished Once a Thief by Michele Hauf (had to listen twice since I missed a lot). Thrilling action/adventure from the Silhouette Bombshell line. I think I finished Dragon Drums by Anne McCaffrey this past week also, though that may have been the week before. LOL In eBook format I finished Zodiac Series: Pisces, a duet of stories by Rae Morgan and Sherill Quinn. I love Rae Morgan’s Coven of the Wolf series, with the twin wolf hounds Igor and Boris being beloved…