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Mud Pie, Fruit Tart and Almond tartl
Guests / September 10, 2006

Mud Pie, Fruit Tart and Almond carmel Originally uploaded by freshfiction. Our Victorian Tea was a success. Well, all we did was show up — hungry — Mindy and Alan did the rest! And wow, what a job they did. Three full courses: finger sandwiches — ham & cheese biscuits, three-layered cucumber asparagas, and our best-loved chicken curry. Followed by scones with jams and clotted cream. Ah, the scones! And that blueberry flan as Gwen called it! I got full on them! No way to eat them all and then have dessert! I tried, honestly, but thank goodness for goodie bags. Because there is NO way I was leaving the mud pie and Almond tart. (I’ll admit I had to eat the fruit tart there, and it was yummy!). Now, what am I forgetting? Oh, dear, not possibly the delicious Pear Caramel tea? Have no fear! That was so good, you’ve got to share the source! It was beyond sublime and I think it’d make a great iced tea too! And our little parting gifts — minature tea cup sets. A thumbell size dollop to get me through *grin* Thanks, Mindy, you are the best hostess! Visit to learn…

Candace Havens signing CHARMED & READY
Guests / September 10, 2006

Candace Havens signing CHARMED & READY Originally uploaded by freshfiction. It was a very busy Saturday — first we had to get to North Richland Hills for Candace Haven’s signing of CHARMED & READY and then back to Las Colinas for our “Victorian” Tea. But we did it! Candace was GORGEOUS, she was dressed to kill or kick some, you know what, down to the boots with the stiletto heels! Oh MY!!! And since I’ve read and raved already about CHARMED & READY I won’t say more than, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? GET IT! READ IT! You’ll laugh with Bronwyn as she tries to juggle work and a jealous boyfriend, and sigh over Zane — what a gorgeous hunk! We should have such a tough choice! CHARMED & READY is a delightful way to spend an afternoon or evening. Visit to learn more about books and authors.