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J.D Robb came instead! Star Telegram Author series with Jeff Guin
Guests / November 14, 2006

Nora Roberts and Jeff Guin Originally uploaded by freshfiction. We trekked to Fort Worth for a night with Nora Roberts but her alter ego J.D. Robb came instead! Which was okay with me since it was the release of her 22nd (gotta check) In Death book — BORN IN DEATH. What fun! We even froze our shoulders and necks at the Mellow Mushroom before the event in the university area of Fort Worth — the author event was held at the Ed Landreth Auditorium on TCU campus. Interesting parking situation, you’d think the students would be gone or in bed. Anyway, Robb/Roberts was the last of the authors for the 2006 series and she was delightful. Thanks to Pat, we had FRONT ROW seats in the VIP section or as M put it, within spitting distance. Thankfully Ms. Robb did NOT spit but was gracious with Mr. Guin and the questioners. Dressed in killer black suit with sparkling jewelry on wrists, neck and fingers, Ms Roberts told the story of her start and hate of “CandyLand” game as well as her key to success — write write write. She’s complusive. She also isn’t fond of people apparently, at least ones…

Catherine Spangler
Guests / November 1, 2006

Catherine Spangler Originally uploaded by freshfiction. After almost three years since her last book, Catherine Spangler returns January 2007 with TOUCHED BY DARKNESS from Berkley Sensation. During her hiatus from the writing scene, Cathy made the decision to write something different after five futuristic romances. She says it took her awhile to “reinvent” herself, create a new type of paranormal series (this one about Sentinels and set on current-day Earth) and to find a new publisher. Her idea for the Sentinels came from her life-long fascination with Atlantis. The Sentinels are reincarnated Atlantians, the same souls who were priests and high priests serving in the temple on Atlantis. The Sentinels have returned to Earth, taking on human bodies and superhuman abilities, in order to track down Belians, also reincarnated Atlantians, who worshiped dark forces and destroyed Atlantis. Sentinels have a slight edge over the Belians because they can use human conductors to enhance their psychic tracking abilities. And a human conductor who psychically matches a Sentinel is always the opposite sex (of course!). Sounds like an intriguing concept. Book two in the series, titled TOUCHED BY FIRE, is scheduled for release in October 2007. Visit to learn more about…

Faye, Jayne Ann Krentz, Mindy
Guests / November 1, 2006

Faye, Jayne Ann Krentz, Mindy Originally uploaded by freshfiction. January 2007 will bring several new hardcover releases from favorite authors. January 2nd will be THE HUNTERS (Putnam) when W.E.B. Griffin brings back Delta Force Major Charley Castillo for a third adventure. Slated to go on sale January 16 is DEEP STORM (Doubleday), a stand-alone novel for Lincoln Child, (known for his bestselling collaborations with Douglas Preston), which is set 12,000 feet below the North Atlantic ocean. It’s about an archeological discovery that could prove to be one of the most terrifying in history. Also set for release on January 16 is Jayne Anne Krentz‘s newest Arcane Society novel, WHITE LIES (Putnam). The heroine is a Level Ten para-sensitive and considered a human lie detector, which gives her problems when it comes to any types of relationships, especially when she finds herself in an investigation with an unusual man. Visit to learn more about books and authors.

Roxanne St. Claire
Guests / November 1, 2006

Roxanne St. Clair Originally uploaded by freshfiction. Fans of Roxanne St. Claire‘s will be happy to know that she’s signed a new deal with Pocket to write a trilogy connected to her popular bodyguard series, the Bullet Catchers. Roxanne tells me, “This time all three will be linked by more than just the high-end security and investigation firm. All three books, which will all be released in 2008, will share a connected story arc. Although they will each stand alone, the stories will include an overarching mystery that deepens with every book and is solved at the very end.” Visit to learn more about books and authors.