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My visit to the mall book store…Erotica is BIGGER than Series Romance
Guests / December 13, 2006

Yes, I went to the mall yesterday — after all it was 40% off day and I do have holiday shopping to do! And being a reader, the best gift to give is books! Because what I want to get is books so I always figured you give what you’d like to get! But I digress… Visited the Waldenbooks, still Waldenbooks not yet converted to the Borders Express which I am anxious to visit when they finish the changeover. The only store in the area that went through the transformation is not in a “friendly” mall *grin* Unfortunately, they didn’t have any of my top four choices — can it be THAT hard to find the John Hodgeman book — but I did find a cookbook that I’d never buy at normal price so the trip was not a loss. And I did a bit of research. Visiting the romance, mystery, fiction and science fiction/fantasy section. My impressions for any of you marketing gurus out there. The romance section has evolved. It is now the catch all for every other genre. Yes, I know romance readers go across the lines, democratic in their reading and all that, but honestly, they…