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Celebrate Romance 2007 – A Reader’s Review
Guests / March 12, 2007

CR2007 in Kansas City was a blast! I had been to it once before in Seattle in 2000. (What can I say, I was a hermit for a while. No more!) There were…ummm…memorable discussion topics, such as: “Kick Ass Heroines: How They Are Changing Romance”, “Characters, Plot, or Cock – What Makes a Book Sexy?” and “Sexual Oddities in the Animal Kingdom.” Being the good note taker that I am, I just had to write down a couple of the statements I heard in the “animal” discussion because they are definitely the type of odd trivia that could be the winning answers on a game show: “Chinese hamsters have the longest sperm” and “frogs tend to like orgies.” I know what you’re thinking, but I couldn’t make up these things even if I wanted to. But there were also some discussions where I learned something, like Lorraine Heath‘s “The Victorian World vs The Regency World.” I don’t read a lot of historicals so there was no way I could explain the difference until Lorraine’s talk. I now know about the influx of American heiresses into Europe in the Victorian era and that Winston Churchill’s mother was one of those American…

Celebrate Romance CELEBRATES with Cake!
Guests / March 6, 2007

Celebrate Romance CELEBRATES with Cake! Originally uploaded by freshfiction. Enjoy our pictures from the Kansas City Celebrate Romance Conference. Visit to learn more about books and authors.