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Everyone do a rain dance
Guests / April 23, 2007

I spent my lunch break and after work time putting out grass seed today in hopes of putting tomorrow’s expected rain to use. My town is still under water restrictions due to lake levels so I’m all for using free rain water instead of hauling out the sprinkler. Anyone who reads this had better be doing a little rain dance for me in hopes that I will see a lot of baby grass out in my backyard (what I affectionately refer to as a mud pit currently — not fun when you have a dog) soon. It will be so nice NOT having to do that ritual 5 minute (2 towel!) paw cleaning that I currently have to go through when I let the dog back in from being out after it has rained. My mother was telling me about how her yard people had put out the weed control stuff and I said that I frankly didn’t care if I had weeds because that would be an improvement on the mostly dirt that I have now….and weeds can always be mowed to the height of grass. Come on! I’m desperate. I love the huge trees in my backyard, but…