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Guests / May 17, 2007

OK, there is NO WAY that I can possibly top the previous blog about Sara and Gwen going to the Lee & Bob Woodruff book signing for In An Instant. Speaking as a news junkie and the daughter of a nurse & doctor, Bob Woodruff’s story and recovery are remarkable. …and now on to my usual fluff… I have been busy reading again. It’s so nice being able to do that. Now if only I could have a nice peaceful weekend at home. My neighborhood association is having a Mayfest celebration at the neighborhood park tomorrow. I also have a dog days of summer celebration going on tomorrow. Bella (my four legged child) is especially looking forward to the dog days of summer celebration! I mean come on, free dog treats and possibly toys. She’ll be exhausted by the time we get back home. That said, so will I! And then next weekend we have Memorial Day. I am looking forward to going back home for memorial day weekend. I cannot say the same for the five and half hour drive and gas prices. I’m trying not to think about it. Anyone else out there tackling the highways for Memorial…

Lee & Bob Woodruff Sign in Dallas
Uncategorized / May 17, 2007

Lee Woodruff, Chris Heinbaugh, Bob Woodruff, originally uploaded by freshfiction. Borders, North Dallas, Preston @ Royal We arrived early — around 4 — to pick up our book and, get ready for this, WRIST BAND! Finally, we hit the big time. Even the HUGE Giada de Laurentis signing didn’t involve wristbands, but it should have, I digress. The wide-eyed star glitter in Gwen’s eye started to glimmer. Most disconcerting. Her favorite news person, okay the only one she really knows beside Gideon Yago, and sorry, but he doesn’t count, was SO BIG, he needed a wrist band. This was almost as good as a film premier! (Pardon the exclamations, but seriously, she was very very excited.) Before we left the Borders, we made sure we had the RIGHT color arm band (being first in line) and when they were scheduled to start and what time the line began. You know, important details! So, we had two hours to go until the discussion/signing which was plenty of time for dinner. The best thing about the Preston / Royal area of North Dallas is the little eateries popping up in odd corners. The last signing — Shanna Swendson — we found Natalie’s…