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Plano Book Club – Note from this month’s author, Linda Conrad
Uncategorized / June 18, 2007

Man, how I love reading good books! And geez, how I hate finishing one! If it’s a really good book that hooks me into the characters’ lives, then I want to know more! What happens next? I want to know whether the best friend finds her own true love. I want to know if the brother will ever change his ways and find a woman who can tame him. I just want to know more! I guess that’s why I almost always write linked books and make up my own mini-series. Some readers tell me they feel the same way I do, that they love books in series. Others seem to feel somehow cheated that they must find and buy more books to satisfy their curiosity. I make sure each book tells its own story, but I guess I can’t help hinting that there might be more to it. And I suppose therein lies the problem. Sigh. Which brings me around to my newest series of books, the Night Guardians, and the reason I’m so looking forward to talking with the bookclub! The Night Guardians is a series of six books I’ve written for Silhouette Intimate Moments (now called Silhouette…