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Sandy Blair | Forever Love is definitely alive and well.
Guests / October 2, 2007

This weekend in Clearwater, Florida our confirmed bachelor friend Dave Dion married his beautiful Cheryl and a happier couple I’ve yet to see. That our happily married daughter and son-in-law were also in attendance made the event that much more perfect. The intimate wedding chapel Dave and Cheryl chose was nestled in a small town just north of Clearwater, the place where they’d met and fallen head over heels. The golden aura from cream-colored candles enhanced the bride’s petite blonde beauty and beaded candlelight gown. The father of the bride did an admirable job of holding himself together as he gave his only daughter away. Good thing, because the rest of us were already blubbering by the time he managed to croak, “Her mother and I do.” Dave did an admirable job of holding back all but one tear as he said his vows. The bride, not nearly as fortunate, was thankfully wearing waterproof mascara. The highlight of their beautiful reception–for me, at least–was the “married couples dance,” when all the married couples are invited to dance and the MC says after a few minutes, “Will those who’ve been married less than 5 years please leave the dance floor,” etc….