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Bonnie Vanak | When Romance Authors Cheat On Their Heroes
Romance / October 5, 2007

The heroes of Bonnie Vanak’s Egyptian books stood outside their creator’s house. Jabari of The Falcon & the Dove gave the door a blank look. “What’s wrong?” asked Graham of The Panther & the Pyramid. “I do not know what to do,” Jabari admitted. “I live in a tent.” Kenneth of The Cobra & the Concubine rolled his eyes. “You knock, you bloody fool.” “Do not call my father a bloody fool,” warned Tarik of The Sword & the Sheath. “You once lived in a tent.” “Do you think we should formally announce ourselves?” asked Ramses of The Tiger & the Tomb. “After all, she is not writing and may not want to see us.” The men exchanged glances. “You’re right,” said Thomas of The Scorpion & the Seducer. “We should just walk in and surprise her.” They went inside, walked down a hallway and entered a bedroom. Bonnie was sorting through laundry. Shock dawned in her eyes. “Not you guys again!” “We came here to recharge your creativity,” Thomas explained. “You haven’t written since my story was finished. I’m not published until next May, so you have time to write your next Egyptian historical.” Bonnie laughed. “What time? Come…