Fresh FIction Box Not To Miss
Cover Cut Ups to California Cops to Knitting Clubs to Southern Crazy
Guests / January 27, 2008

January brought a slew of authors to Dallas and I had the opportunity to check them all out! First we began with the visit of Thomas Allen author of UNCOVERED. Thomas has a special connection to books, especially pulp fiction books, He likes to CUT THEM UP! Yes, he takes old paperbacks, cuts out the figures on the covers then poses them in title suggestive ways and photographs them. It’s fascinating, beautiful and to an avid reader and collector, TERRIFYING! Thomas gave a presentation that showed some of his work over the years (not really that long, but he did start with his father’s photography before he was born) including book covers and magazine works. Gwen loved his illustrations for New York her primo magazine of the time. Next up, we went South, to the New South filled with crazy ladies, southern food, barbeque, garden parties … and did I mention crazy women? And Michael Lee West came to town before heading up to be part of The GirlFriends Weekend in Jefferson, a tiara wearing, big-hair celebration of womanhood. She was so comfortable she sat down with the readers and gave us the “story behind the tales” of her amazing…