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Guests / July 20, 2008

Rios Tex-MexOriginally uploaded by freshfiction Glad you asked…even if you didn’t, you get to hear. HA! the power of the blog erupts! Anyway, this week we had two signings I attended, one I missed, one conference planning session and a whole bunch of work work work on Oh, yeah, and I read a couple of books worth mentioning. The signings…Tuesday was great! We had dinner with the book club at the fabulous little “hole in the wall” Tio Rio Tex restaurant in North Dallas. Tio Rio is one of my favorite in town Tex restaurants because it is small, the food is great and there is a tree growing through one of the walls. Now, for most you would say, “a tree! How quaint!” with a sniff on the “quaint.” But trust me, in our part of Texas, a tree that size deserves respect and admiration. And the food, well, great fish dishes and my advise is to take whatever the special is, because it will be sublime! Our book club and gang usually meets up at either “Tio Rio” or “Natalies” when we’re attending a book signing at the Borders Preston & Royal in Dallas, so they know…