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Sara Reyes | Author Tour Report: Jeff Abbott in Dallas
Uncategorized / July 24, 2008

Jeff Abbott at the Q&AOriginally uploaded by freshfiction Last night we had the opportunity to meet a native Texan in town for a tour of COLLISION, Jeff Abbott. Fresh from a week in London and still jet-lagged, Jeff regaled us with his exploits of researching a book with his mom in Frisco. Now, Frisco is across the road from where I live and my closest shopping area, so finding out that we were the backdrop for an international thriller was a bit, well, ‘thrilling.’ Although, if he got it wrong, even a bit of the streets or neighborhoods or prairie, it would throw me out of my reading. Sorry, but that happens to me and it’s annoying especially if the book was going along so well. And Jeff picked a road under construction. Of course, right now, that could be true since they are busy building TWO toll roads in Frisco. The only city in North Texas where BOTH of the primary arteries costs 25 cents a mile to traverse! It’s outrageous! you pay for the bonds and taxes and then they charge you for usage as well! They may not say they raise taxes but they’ll enjoy quarter and…