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Candace Havens | Secrets and Siblings
Candace Havens / November 4, 2008

I grew up an only child, and I really liked it. (Smile) Except for the fact that I love to play board games and cards, and I didn’t always have a playmate. But I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of siblings. That’s why there are four Caruthers sisters and one brother in my new book “The Demon King and I.” I wanted to write about that interaction between siblings. I have first hand experience after watching my own children, but I also did some research by hanging around and learning to understand how my friends interact with their brothers and sisters. Take my friend Shannon’s comment about how one of her brother’s dresses. We were Christmas shopping a few years ago and she talked about how she bought him some decent clothes so he would wear something besides a t-shirt and jeans. It was her subtle way of telling him to grow up. I didn’t realize it, until just this moment but that sort of ended up in The Demon King and I. (Please, don’t tell her.) I watched as another friend interacted with her two sisters. That dynamic was very interesting because the middle sister, my friend, has…