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Sara Reyes | Texas Book Festival Musings
Guests / November 8, 2008

George DuranOriginally uploaded by freshfiction I went to the Texas Book Festival last weekend and as always it was fun to be in the company of books…yes, with the accompanying authors and readers! If you ever get a chance to go to a book festival, no matter how big or small, you owe it to your self as a reader to go at least once! That is the reason I used last year to drag along my husband. He only reads current events and a very occasional an adventure fiction novel, but I said that qualified as a reader and he needed to go. This year, I didn’t need to prod or twist his arm, he made room in his calendar and in fact, he even scrutinized the schedule and marked the ones he planned on attending. I was amazed! Gwen and I divided up the non-adventure reminders: Gwen picked the Young Adult tracks and of course George Duran, I got the rest! And so we were off to listen to authors talk about their books. I’m not sure if there was a theme this year for picking books and authors, but I got the impression it was war. From…