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Gwyn Cready | Inspiration for my Stories
Uncategorized / November 18, 2008

Hi. I’m Gwyn Cready, author of Seducing Mr. Darcy and Tumbling Through Time. I write sexy, funny time travel romances—stories that sparkle. I’ve been writing with the intent to publish for eleven years, but it took me forEVER to sell my first book, which just came out earlier this year. I’m deep at work on my third, but Fresh Fiction has kindly offered me the chance to talk to you and, quite frankly, I’m happy to ditch the ol’ manuscript and relax. As Springsteen once said, “I’m sick of sitting ‘round here trying to write this book.” I’m a big movie buff, and I think the inspiration for my stories comes from a cross between my love for time-twisting movies like Back to the Future, Groundhog Day, Sliding Doors, and Kate and Leopold with my absolute addition to any sort of romantic comedy. If it’s gotten more than one star in the last twenty-five years, I’ve dragged my unwilling husband to see it. Tumbling Through Time (Pocket Books, $6.99), my debut, is the story of a woman who tries on a pair of magic sandals at the Nine West store in the Pittsburgh airport and ends up getting transported back…