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Sara Reyes | Stress Release…finding a new author
Uncategorized / November 27, 2008

In the US, today is Thanksgiving. A national holiday known for feasting on turkey (or not), being with family (or not), watching the Cowboys lose (or, sigh, sadly not). The official day before the start of Christmas shopping madness, otherwise known as Black Friday. So, of course it is also the time for stress. From family, from indulging too much in rich foods, from anxiety about the economy, to, well, just stress. So, what a better stress reliever besides a good long walk…why, a book of course! My recent reading kick involves the discovery of Max Alan Collins. I knew him as the author of the graphic novel the movie ROAD TO PERDITION was based but recently I’ve discovered his many forays into other works including the movie — “The Last Lullaby,” then the books and stories TLL was based on — the Quarry books. So I asked Pat to find as many books as she could by Collins and I was off. It’s a joy to discover the depth of MAC. He ranges from a garage rock band to comic strips to graphic novels to video games to a slew of novelizations to his own series of mysteries: Heller,…