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Stephanie Bond | Staying Safe
Uncategorized / March 10, 2009

I took a self-defense course several years ago as part of the coursework to become a private investigator in the state of Georgia (all for research). In the class, one of the messages aimed at women was not to give in to the fear of looking foolish if you avoid (or confront) someone who makes you nervous. The instructor said that women are so afraid of offending others that they will put their own lives in danger. Criminals know this and will prey on women’s instincts to “be nice” to people, even strangers who might look threatening. But the instructor reminded women in the class that any man with good intentions who has a mother, sister, or daughter, will understand if a woman is spooked by his proximity. Do you know what most women do when confronted with an intruder in their home? Not scream, not run for the nearest exit. Most women will ask, “How did you get in here?” As if it matters. It’s a fascinating glimpse into the female psyche, that even when confronted with danger, we’re trying to assimilate how it happened versus reacting to it. Have you ever thought about what you would do if…