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Sara Reyes | Weekend Films and Taking it Easy…NOT!
Uncategorized / March 28, 2009

Sometimes we all need to just slow down and enjoy the weekend. At least that is what I tell myself on weekends like this one where I’ve got a festival to attend. As many of you know, Gwen is very involved with the film industry and its festivals and this week is a big one in Dallas — AFI DALLAS. If you follow our Twitter feed you’ll notice we’ve been talking lots about the films we’re seeing. Over the weekend the filmmakers come out and talk about the “making of the films” which to be honest is where they grab me. So today I’ll get to learn about taking an idea (or story or book) from conception to the big silver screen, or as the case more often these days to either the Internet screen which can be biggish on the digital monitors or to DVD. It’s always interesting to see the parallels to the publishing of books. And don’t miss the photos with very short blurb about the wonderful authors we met in the past week: Suzanne Arruda and Lisa Lutz. If you can’t get enough of Janet Evanovich (or you miss her early Plum books) try “The Spellmans.”…