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Spotlight on Hank Phillippi Ryan
Guests / August 17, 2009

FAKING IT! Raise your hand—who loves designer purses? We all do. They’re gorgeous, glamorous and desirable—and they look like they cost a million bucks. But wait—you see them in discount stores and on street vendors’ tables.  Why? Because many of those hot-looking bags are phony. Ever wonder where those knock-offs come from? And who’s getting rich? And biggest question of all—how they sell obvious knock-offs without taking heat from the authorities? In life and love, how do you tell the real thing? Charlotte McNally #3MiraSeptember 2009On Sale: September 1, 2009Featuring: Charlotte McNally288 pages ISBN: 0778327191EAN: 9780778327196Mass Market PaperbackAmazon Charlie McNally is hot on the trail of knock-off purses in this action-packed mystery. I’ve spent the last thirty years chasing good stories—and I knew this was a great one! As an investigative reporter in Boston, I went in disguise and undercover to explore the world of counterfeit couture—and the behind-the-scenes business of high-fashion fakes. I also learned some of the secret ways you can recognize the real from the rip-off. We talked to investigators specially trained by the designers to scout out what’s real and what’s fake. They have elaborate manuals chock full of trade secrets, revealing the actual number of…

Guests / August 17, 2009

Though I’m a devoted fan of the vampire tale, you wouldn’t know it by how few books I’ve read in the genre. That’s because I’m very picky. I’m looking for a vampire story with certain elements: 1) No whiny vampires 2) No mandatory killing of food, because it puts a serious damper on sexual interaction related to feeding. 3) No holds barred on the eroticism. To learn more about the type of vampire story that Joey W. Hill likes and to comment in the one day contest click here. Visit to learn more about books and authors.