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Suzanne Arruda | Just What Does Larger Than Life Mean?
Uncategorized / September 8, 2009

Sometimes I feel like Jimmy Stuart in “It’s a Wonderful Life,” gazing at the National Geographics and dreaming of adventures in far away countries. Instead of living those dreams, he stays in his town, filling the role thrust on him. I vicariously live my life of danger and adventure through my character, Jade del Cameron, the heroine of Treasure of the Golden Cheetah. With her running point, I can safely climb Kilimanjaro, charge a lion, and do battle against evil without breaking a sweat. Via Jade, I shoot rifle and bow, throw a mean lariat, fly a plane, and kiss a handsome man. (Well, I do get to do that last part in real life.) Jade is often described as “larger than life” and that’s probably true. But it makes me wonder, just what does “larger than life” mean? Frankly, life is pretty big. Sometimes that can be intimidating. We might find a safe spot and hide in it, camouflaging ourselves for anonymity. We stay with what’s comfortable and call risk takers crazy daredevils. So perhaps being larger than life simply means that a person grows to take in as much of life as possible. To continue reading what Larger…

Fresh Pick | HIS WICKED SINS by Eve Silver
Fresh Pick / September 8, 2009

August 2008Featuring: Elizabeth Canham; Griffin Fairfax352 pages ISBN: 0821781294EAN: 9780821781296Paperback$5.99 Romance Historical, Romance SuspenseBuy at His Wicked Sins by Eve Silver In the midst of desire, lies a killer… In the quiet hamlet of Yorkshire, the hallowed halls of Burndale School stand…and evil lurks in its dark corners. For a serial killer with a proclivity for blonde women has struck again-this time, murdering two of its teachers. Now everyone is wondering when the killer will seek his next victim… Elizabeth Canham has accepted a teaching position at the local boarding school in Yorkshire. But her quiet life takes a surprising turn when she meets Griffin Fairfax-the handsome father of one of her pupils. His mesmerizing stare quickly draws her in, and she can’t deny the fierce attraction between them… Griffin Fairfax appears to be a doting father and gentleman. But one disturbing truth lies at the heart of the murders-all of the victims were intimately connected to him. When Elizabeth discovers this, she wonders if it’s a mere coincidence or if Griffin could be a charming, seductive killer so many women have lost their hearts-and lives-to… A suspense packed gothic romance with a serial killer on the loose! Visit…