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Sara Edmonds | You Might Call Them Quirks But I Call Them Reading Rituals
Uncategorized / September 19, 2009

I have always had a reading ritual- a couple actually. And I prefer to think of them as rituals and not quirks, although some would debate me on that. When I am in the “reading mode” so to speak, I gather everything together- I get a pillow, light blanket and gather some snacks so that I don’t have to get up for a break. I then open the dog door so I don’t have to get up, get in my favorite chair and turn on some background noise (yes I am one of those people who can read with the tv on). I then settle down for a good few hours of uninterrupted reading time. And it goes without saying, the better the book the more I resent interruptions. Excuses are abound during a good reading session- dishes can wait until tomorrow and I don’t need to do laundry. Then there is my favorite thing to say to all who interrupt me-“you can get it yourself.” If only my lotto train could come in, I could even blow off actual work to read. I know I have a good book, when I deeply resent real life getting in they way…