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Fresh Pick | ESPRESSO SHOT by Cleo Coyle
Fresh Pick / October 8, 2009

Coffeehouse Mystery #7 October 2009 On Sale: October 6, 2009 Featuring: Clare Cosi 368 pages ISBN: 0425230767EAN: 9780425230763Paperback (reprint)$7.99 Mystery Woman Sleuth Buy at Espresso Shot by Cleo Coyle Coffeehouse manager Clare Cosi rarely gets steamed. But ever since her ex-husband announced his plans to remarry, she’s been making some vows of her own . . . Roped into creating a gourmet coffee and dessert bar for her ex-husband’s wedding, Clare faces off with the bride-to- be. Wealthy and sophisticated, the snarky Breanne has never been a low maintenance kind of gal, and now she’s in full- blown bridezilla mode. The only way Clare can possibly deal with her is to focus on business. But murder is Clare’s business, too, and when fatal accidents begin befalling people close to Breanne, Clare becomes suspicious. Is someone trying to sabotage this wedding? Kill Breanne? Clare decides to investigate. But what she uncovers, between steaming cappuccinos and roasting the world’s rarest coffee beans, may just get her burned. Now in paperback, this starred reviewed entry in the nationally bestselling coffeehouse mystery series also features delicious bonus recipes, including Italian wedding cookies, and coffee-making tips. Previous Picks Visit to learn more about…

Jaime Rush (aka Tina Wainscott) | Cheeky Reads
Uncategorized / October 8, 2009

And then…and then…and then… After writing 18 stand-alone books under my real name, Tina Wainscott, I embarked on a totally new adventure—a series under a pseudonym. Never in most of those many years did I even consider writing a series. I did read some series and enjoyed them, but I just didn’t get hooked for the most part. A couple of years ago I needed a change. A serious change. So I let loose my muse and told her to pick whatever she wanted, no limits. (Not that she listens to me anyway) It was a surprise when she came back (like a panting dog with a bone) with a series idea. The more I chewed that bone, the more I liked the idea. First, I know the appeal of seeing your favorite characters grow over a longer period of time, revisiting friends from past books, continuing a thread. I didn’t want to focus on one character but instead, a group, and each book would feature a new romantic lead. The first lead, from A PERFECT DARKNESS (book 1 of the Offspring series) became my Luke and Laura from General Hospital fame (waaay back in the 80’s). Torn apart, connected…