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Guests / October 15, 2009

I think Jane Austen wrote about me. No, I’m not off my meds, and yes, I realize that dear Jane has been dead for almost two hundred years (and no, I’m not that old). Nonetheless, in my narcissistic view, I am Elizabeth Bennet . The wonderful thing about Jane Austen’s characters is that I’m not alone. Millions of women have turned the last page of Pride and Prejudice sighed, and wondered “when will my Darcy come?” I believe that’s more than a wish for the perfect gentleman (and don’t get me started on whether Darcy was actually a gentleman!); I believe it’s an affirmation that the reader has become so enamored of Elizabeth that she sees herself as Elizabeth. Who doesn’t want to believe that they are pretty, witty, and saucy enough to knock the stockings off the hottest catch in town? To read more of Sara’s blog and to comment for a chance to win please click here. Visit to learn more about books and authors.

Fresh Pick | THE SHANGHAI MOON by S. J. Rozan
Fresh Pick / October 15, 2009

Lydia Chin/Bill Smith February 2009On Sale: February 3, 2009Featuring: Lydia Chin; BIll Smith384 pages ISBN: 0312245564EAN: 9780312245566Hardcover$24.95 Mystery Private Eye Buy at Bouchercon 2009 Toastmaster author S.J. Rozan The Shanghai Moon by S. J. Rozan With The Shanghai Moon, S. J. Rozan returns to her award-winning, critically acclaimed, and much-loved characters Lydia Chin and Bill Smith in the first new novel in the series in seven years. Estranged for months from fellow P.I. Bill Smith, Chinese-American private investigator Lydia Chin is brought in by colleague and former mentor Joel Pilarsky to help with a case that crosses continents, cultures, and decades. In Shanghai, excavation has unearthed a cache of European jewelry dating back to World War II, when Shanghai was an open city providing safe haven for thousands of Jewish refugees. The jewelry, identifed as having belonged to one such refugee – Rosalie Gilder – was immediately stolen by a Chinese official who fled to New York City. Hired by a lawyer specializing in the recovery of Holocaust assets, Chin and Pilarsky are to find any and all leads to the missing jewels. However, Lydia soon learns that there is much more to the story than they’ve been told:…