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Sara Edmonds | When It Comes To Location How Much Detail Do You Need?
Uncategorized / October 17, 2009

I was reading Janet Evanovich’s Finger Lickin’ Fifteen– and after the gut retching laughter- I realized that even though I have never been to New Jersey, Janet’s descriptions make me feel like it is a place I have been to many times before. It also made me reflect on how much detail I need when it comes to location in the book I am reading. I am not normally cognizant of the locations- or even the background description in general- when I am reading a book I really enjoy. When the author does a really good job of pulling me into the story, my mind tends to fill in any detail that isn’t readily there, such a location, or even the general skin and eye description of the main characters. Those things I tend to pull from experience and fill in automatically. And I realize that for most authors there is not enough time, or money, to go to every place a book is set. But I realize that for some readers not having this information may be frustrating. To read more of Sara’s blog about location details please click here. Visit to learn more about books and authors.

Fresh Pick | WOLFSBANE AND MISTLETOE by Kat Richardson, Carrie Vaughn, Patricia Briggs, Keri Arthur, Charlaine Harris
Fresh Pick / October 17, 2009

October 2008On Sale: October 7, 2008368 pages ISBN: 0441016332EAN: 9780441016334Hardcover$24.95 Paranormal Buy at 2009 Anthony Award Nominee “The Night Things Changed” by Dana Cameron for Best Short Story Wolfsbane and Mistletoe by Kat Richardson, Carrie Vaughn, Patricia Briggs, Keri Arthur, Charlaine Harris The editors of Many Bloody Returns deliver the perfect howl-iday gift, with new tales from Patricia Briggs, Carrie Vaughn, and many more. New York Times bestselling authors Charlaine Harris, Patricia Briggs, Keri Arthur, and Carrie Vaughn—along with eleven other masters of the genre—offer all-new stories on werewolves and the holidays, a fresh variation on the concept that worked so well with birthdays and vampires in Many Bloody Returns. The holidays can bring out the beast in anyone. They are particularly hard for lycanthropes. Charlaine Harris and Toni L. P. Kelner have harvested the scariest, funniest and saddest werewolf tales by an outstanding pack of authors, best read by the light of a full moon with a silver bullet close at hand. Whether wolfing down a holiday feast (use your imagination) or craving some hair of the dog on New Year’s morning, the werewolves in these frighteningly original stories will surprise, delight, amuse, and scare the pants off…