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Fresh Teen Takes | Best Bets in November
Uncategorized / November 11, 2009

Fresh Takes from the Teen Shelves I was lucky enough to cap off my October with an invitation to speak at the Texas Book Festival on a panel called “Hot Reads for Cool Chicks.”  A flattering invitation, indeed, not least because it presumes I’m cool enough to hang with some pretty neat chicks… Er, authors. Rosemary, Katherine Marsh, Victoria Laurie (holding Peaches), and Isobelle Carmody Katherine Marsh’s novel, THE NIGHT TOURIST won the 2008 Edgar Award for Best Juvenile Mystery. It’s a modern twist on the tale of Orpheus and Eurydice, told in the underground of New York City. When lonely ninth-grader Jack is injured in an accident, much like the one that killed his mother, his father sends him to a specialist in New York. There he meets Euri, a ghost who becomes his guide to the Underworld that exists beneath the streets of Manhattan. Jack wants to find his mother, but the hazards of searching for her are immense. With witty dialogue, realistic characters and plenty of action, Marsh crafts a charming tale about love, loss and heroic adventure. In THE TWILIGHT PRISONER, Jack revisits the Underworld, taking with him Cora, a girl he hopes to impress. I’m…

Snuggle up to a Cozy in November
Guests / November 11, 2009

Hey ya’ll, welcome to Sharon’s Cozy Corner, where cozy mysteries and their authors are the focus of reviews, interviews and news. I am thrilled to be writing this first of hopefully many columns for Fresh Fiction, and I sincerely hope you, the reader, will enjoy it. Let’s start off looking at what exactly constitutes a “cozy mystery.” According to, a cozy mystery is “a subgenre of crime fiction in which sex and violence are downplayed or treated humorously.” The main characters of these types of mysteries are usually female and are amateur detectives who use their life experiences as a tool for solving crimes. They usually work in an area of interest to women, such as bakeries, tea rooms, scrapbook shops, etc. Often they have a husband, boyfriend, friend or family member working for the police force who can provide them with important information about a case to which they might not otherwise have access. I see cozy mysteries becoming one of the rising genres in women’s fiction today with more and more titles coming out each month, and more publishers adding cozy mysteries to their lineup. It’s an exciting time to explore this fascinating genre. So with no…

Maria Geraci | What Kind Of Girl Are You?
Uncategorized / November 11, 2009

In my Bunco Babes books, the central characters have been friends for years. They get together every Thursday night to drink frozen margaritas, roll dice, and gossip about the inhabitants of their small north Florida town. The three main characters I introduced in the first book, Bunco Babes Tell All, were labeled as “the nice one” “the sharp one” and “the hot one”. Unconsciously as a writer, I don’t set out to create the theme for my books. Theme is something that naturally results from the plot. But after I wrote the book (and figured out what it was really about) I discovered that my main character, Kitty, had to come to grips with the eternal question of the ages. Just what kind of girl are you? Too often, like the characters in my books, we get labeled at an early age. You know the labels I’m talking about- the smart one, the pretty one, the goofy one… And after a while, we start to believe it ourselves. But sometimes (like Kitty had to find out in Bunco Babes Tell All) in order to achieve our highest potential (or win your happily-ever-after!) you have to break out of the mold….

Fresh Pick | HOW TO TEMPT A DUKE by Kasey Michaels
Fresh Pick / November 11, 2009

September 2009On Sale: September 1, 2009Featuring: Rafael Daughtry; Charlotte Seavers352 pages ISBN: 0373773714EAN: 9780373773718Paperback$7.99 Romance Historical Buy at How to Tempt a Duke by Kasey Michaels He’d returned from war a duke. Now Rafael Daughtry was battling a force more terrifying than Napoleon’s army—his family. Thankfully, his childhood friend Charlotte Seavers had agreed—reluctantly—to a bargain. While Rafe would provide her with the home she’d lost, Charlotte would provide him with a chaperone for his unruly twin sisters. But who would chaperone Rafe? For the feisty young girl he remembered had blossomed into a sensual woman—a woman whose haunting beauty and deeply kept secrets drew him like no other. Charlotte had good reason to mistrust men—yet could Rafe’s sizzling seduction convince her to give in to temptation? Excerpt Charlotte Seavers was on the hunt. And she was in a mood to take no prisoners. Only scant minutes earlier Charlotte had been comfortably ensconced in the drawing room of her parents’ small manor house, happy in her ignorance, enjoying the sight of a mid-November frost glittering on the newly bare tree branches outside her window while she stayed warm and toasty inside. But then the housekeeper had brought her one of…