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Hank Phillipi Ryan | The Many Secrets Of Drive Time
Uncategorized / February 1, 2010

Can you keep a secret? Okay, I see you all leaning forward…she’s going to tell us something big, you’re thinking. A secret. And yes yes yes, we can keep it. Really? What if—all you had to do was tell, and it would change your life? Would keeping the secret as you promised be more important? Or would you be tempted… What if—all you had to do was tell the secret—and you would be a huge success? And what if—you really thought telling my secret would make someone else’s life better? Would it be more important to keep your promise to me? Or to tell for the greater good? Okay, I don’t have a secret. (Not that I’m going to tell you today, at least.) But secrets are at the heart of mystery, and certainly at the heart of romance. Right? How many times have you wondered just how much you can really share—or SHOULD really share— with that amazing guy across from you at the restaurant table? And haven’t you wondered exactly what he’s keeping from you? Or curled up, cozy, propped up on pillows with just a downy quilt over the two of you…what have you been tempted to…

Fresh Pick | GAMES GIRLS PLAY by Deanna Lee
Fresh Pick / February 1, 2010

July 2009On Sale: July 1, 2009Featuring: Kristen; Tara256 pages ISBN: 0758234996EAN: 9780758234995Paperback$12.95 Erotica Buy at Games Girls Playby Deanna Lee Taking over the game… Tara makes it her business to work with women who know theirs, namely long time friends Kristen Travis and Sonya Carson. As for pleasure, getting involved with clients is against the rules. So why is Tara letting a soccer star kick her libido into high gear? Sex is a game Kristen plays very well. Still, when confronted with two scorching basketball players who are even hotter for her, she wonders if she can handle both. No need to worry: these boys are used to sharing the court… Sonya’s about ready to call a permanent time-out on her lover, a gridiron giant who takes her place in his bed for granted. Time to break out the handcuffs and teach him a little lesson in giving it up for love. Excerpt “Oh. My. God.” I stared numbly at the television. The phone started to ring as the reporter started to replay the video footage and I reached out for the phone. My hand connected with it and I dragged it to my ear. I swallowed hard as…