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Deanna Raybourn | How A Book Gets Titled
Uncategorized / February 11, 2010

One of the questions I am most often asked by readers is how I come up with titles for my books. The short answer is that I don’t! Sometimes the book seems to title itself. A single phrase, usually a snippet of a quote from a poem or play, will settle down on the title page and I cannot bring myself to think of it as anything else. My March 2010 release, The Dead Travel Fast, was one such book. I had the idea for the novel some five years ago, and started researching it and compiling notes. It is the story of a Victorian novelist who leaves the security of her Edinburgh home for the grim castles of Transylvania and meets up with an aristocrat who may or may not be a vampire, and as part of my research, I read Dracula. I knew as soon as I came across this passage what the title of my book had to be: As he spoke, he smiled, and the lamplight fell on a hard-looking mouth, with very red lips and sharp-looking teeth, as white as ivory. One of my companions whispered to the other…‘Denn die Todten relten schnell.’ (‘For the…

Fresh Pick | GUARDIAN by Claire Delacroix
Fresh Pick / February 11, 2010

Angels #2 October 2009On Sale: September 29, 2009Featuring: Rafe Gerritson; Delilah Desjardins368 pages ISBN: 0765359502EAN: 9780765359506Paperback$6.99 Fantasy Urban, Romance Paranormal Buy at Guardianby Claire Delacroix The Eyes of the Republic are everywhere. The victim of what she believes is a malicious kidnapping, seer Delilah Desjardins quickly realizes that her abductor is on a mission to save her from assassins. Rafe, a fallen angel, must ensure that Delilah, blessed with the gift of foresight, reaches her true calling as an oracle for the Republic – and if his divine calling results in a more earthly relationship between the two of them, well, he doesn’t mind that at all. Drawn to Rafe, but fearing the loss of her gifts should she surrender to his charms, Delilah knows she has to leave him. But fleeing his guardianship sets the assassins on her trail again. As Rafe races to save Delilah, he knows he isn’t just saving her for the good of the Republic, for the angels, or for the future – he’s saving her for himself. The Eyes of the Republic may be everywhere, but then so are Angels. Excerpt She was being watched. The woman known only as Twenty-three felt her…