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Fresh Pick | DEADLY CHARM by Claudia Mair Burney
Fresh Pick / February 26, 2010

Amanda Bell Brown #3 April 2009On Sale: March 24, 2009Featuring: Amanda Bell Brown400 pages ISBN: 1416551956EAN: 9781416551959Trade Size$13.99 Multicultural Mystery, Mystery Woman Sleuth, Mystery Amateur Sleuth Buy at Deadly Charmby Claudia Mair Burney When the ominous Thunders roll into Dr. Amanda Bell Brown’s town, the sassy sleuth sees a storm brewing. Disgraced playboy preacher Ezekiel Thunder and his seductive first lady, Nikki, are on the comeback trail, but Bell is less than charmed by the pair. When their toddler, Baby Zeekie, is found dead from an accidental drowning, forensic psychologist Bell suspects foul play in the fatal family, especially after the mama in mourning flirts with Bell’s estranged husband, Jazz. Bell is sickened by the woman’s behavior and the thought of someone murdering an innocent child — or is it morning sickness that’s plaguing her? Between babies and bodies, she pushes past the limits to discover the deadly truth. Sassy Amanda Bell Brown gets to the bottom of another faith-filled mystery when a small child dies Previous Picks Visit to learn more about books and authors.

Joanne Kennedy | Starting Trouble
Uncategorized / February 26, 2010

Cowboy Trouble started with a chicken, a cowboy, and an act of rebellion. I’ve worked in book selling all my life, but a few years ago I decided it was time to escape the rigors of retail and get a job where I could sit down once in a while. I decided to try medical transcription, which meant I was sitting in front of my computer for hours at a time, tapping away at the keys. The trouble was, what I was churning out was mind-numbingly dull. Doctor’s reports are hardly the stuff of literature, and the ones that are interesting are generally tragic. The typing was good. The sitting was great. But the work? Not for me. In a vague act of rebellion, I shut off the dictation one day and just started typing whatever came into my head. Here’s what came out: A chicken will never break your heart. Not that you can’t love a chicken. There are some people in this world who can love just about anything. But a chicken will never love you back. When you look deep into their beady little eyes, there’s not a lot of warmth there-just an avarice for worms and…