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Pamela Clare | How Should One Get To Happily Ever After?
Uncategorized / March 1, 2010

If you’re a single adult in the early 21st century, chances are you’ve tried some kind of online dating service. Hey, if I can admit to having tried it, you can, too. You know the process–you sign up, answer a zillion really dumb questions about your interests, inclinations and preferences. Then the computer plays cupid and matches you up with potential dates whose answers most closely match your own. And then… Well, if finding your soul mate were that easy, there’d be significantly fewer single people in the world and a lot more “happily ever afters,” wouldn’t there? Besides, how exciting can it be going to dinner with someone who agrees with you about everything? “You say potato; I say potato, too/You say tomato; I say tomato, too.” It doesn’t even make a good song. Maybe we’ve got it backwards. Remember the old adage “Opposites attract”? Maybe online dating services should get a clue from romantic fiction and bring people together whose backgrounds, interests and preferences are very different. Do opposites really attract? For Kat James and Gabe Rossiter, the hero and heroine of Naked Edge, the next book in my I-Team series, that’s certainly the case. Yes, he’s male…

Fresh Pick | ALASKAN RENEGADE by Kate Bridges
Fresh Pick / March 1, 2010

November 2009On Sale: November 1, 2009Featuring: Victoria Windhaven; Brant MacQuaid288 pages ISBN: 0373295685EAN: 9780373295685Mass Market Paperback$5.99 Romance Historical Buy at Alaskan Renegadeby Kate Bridges Her bounty hunter protector In need of a bodyguard on her mission into the Alaskan wilderness, nurse Victoria Windhaven is shocked to recognize the hired gun as none other than Brant MacQuaid—a man she had thought never to see again! Brant, now a notorious bounty hunter with a burning passion for justice, had once betrayed her.But closely confined in the stagecoach by day, and even more closely combined under the stars by night, Victoria can’t help but dream of turning this renegade into ideal husband material…. Life and loving means taking chances facing insurmountable odds Excerpt Skagway, District of Alaska, late August 1899 That familiar and arrogant way he moved captured her attention. Wearing a tan leather vest and black shirt that barely spanned his wide shoulders, Brant MacQuaid strode down the path as though he still thought he could part the Red Sea. His granite eyes flickered at the stagecoach driver, then he turned and headed straight for her. Her heart leaped. He’d changed a great deal in the five years since Victoria Windhaven…