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Leverage Day Two — Cocktail Party, Leverage Set Visit and Conference Panels.
Uncategorized / March 21, 2010

I have been to exactly two media convention cocktail parties, so I do not have a large sample to draw upon for this review. From what I can tell, corporate sponsorship makes a difference. The TNT Cocktail Party Extravaganza at the Leverage CON-con was amazing. cash bar two separate tables of food free ticket for 1 drink 2 Wii stations Garage Band set-up in an adjoining room live music by Andy Lange entertainment by Rick Overton I hung out with new friends I’d made at this convention, and some local Browncoats (Firefly/Serenity fans) I had cruised with in 2006. Being an introvert in a heavily crowded room filled with good yet exceptionally loud music, my instinct was to find a place and stay put. Barbara taught me the find art of “wandering”, or as we came to call it, “hit-and-run mingling”. Through this technique I talked with actors, a financial producer, a director, and the man who runs the computer systems that get the shows digital dailies to LA after having been filmed in Portland. I had a fabulously fun time. Around 11 pm, after getting off a full day ofshooting, all five main actors showed up for a brief…

Sandi Shilhanek | Guilty Reading?
Sundays with Sandi / March 21, 2010

Can you remember the first “adult” novel you read? I don’t fully recall, but believe that the first “adult” novel I read was The Promise by Danielle Steel. As we may have discussed previously because of that I’ve always felt a loyalty to Steel, and even though she is extremely prolific I have found myself veering away from her over the years. When I discovered audios I found that my library offered several of her titles as downloads, and so decided that audio reading would be a way to be loyal without having to do visual reading. It was amazing, because I discovered that some of what had begun to annoy me when I used my eyes to read was missing when I used my ears to read. Therefore I went back to my library and downloaded more of her audios, and have been slowly working my way through. I recently listened to and really enjoyed A Good Woman, and that made me decide to see if her newest release was available. It wasn’t, but I thought ok…I’ll put it on hold in book form. That means that I’m spending time this weekend reading Danielle Steel’s Big Girl. Unfortunately it…