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Amelia Grey | One Liners That Stick With You
Author Guest / March 30, 2010

Good morning! I’m very happy to be with you at Fresh Fiction today. Thank you for having me here. Just a week or so ago I was reading over some old letters from my sister and one of them ended with, “May the force be with you.” I started laughing. I had not thought about that line from Star Wars in years. But it started me thinking about great one-liners I remembered from movies and books and I said, “Oh, I must blog about them!” Are any of you old enough to remember Clint Eastwood’s Dirty Harry Series and his famous, “Go ahead, make my day,” line? I think he is also the one who said, “Do you feel lucky?” I have to smile about that one! Do you remember Star Trek’s “Beam me up, Scottie.” Another favorite one-liner of mine is Love Story with Ali McGraw saying, “Love means never having to say you’re sorry.” A more recent quote that is often mangled and misquoted to the point of being humorous is Jack Nicholson’s line from A Few Good Men,”You can’t handle the truth!” I love them all. There are some great lines from books, too. Probably two of…

Fresh Pick | THE QUEEN’S LOVER by Vanora Bennett
Fresh Pick / March 30, 2010

March 2010On Sale: March 16, 2010Featuring: Catherine de Valois; Owain Tudor; Christine de Pizan592 pages ISBN: 0061689866EAN: 9780061689864Hardcover$25.99 Historical Buy at The Queen’s Loverby Vanora Bennett A sweeping tale of romance and political maneuvering in an age where women — especially queens – were only allowed peripheral roles. Before the Tudors could rise to power, Catherine de Valois became Queen of two countries by making her own rules Catherine de Valois, daughter of the French king Charles VI, is born into troubled times. Though she is brought up in a royal court, it is a stormy and unstable environment. Before she is out of her teens, Catherine is married off to England’s Henry V as part of a treaty honoring his victory over France. She is terrified at the idea of being married to a man who is a foreigner, an enemy, and a rough soldier, and is forced to leave her home for England. Within two years she is widowed, and mother to the future King of England and France—even though her brother has laid claim to the French crown for himself. Caught between warring factions of her own family and under threat by the powerful lords of…