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Fresh Pick | IT HAD TO BE YOU by Francis Ray
Fresh Pick / June 22, 2010

Grayson Friends #4 May 2010 On Sale: April 27, 2010 Featuring: Laurel Raineau; Zachary Wilder 304 pages ISBN: 0312365071 EAN: 9780312365073 Mass Market Paperback $7.99 Add to Wish List Multicultural African-American, Romance Contemporary Buy at It Had To Be You by Francis Ray Most musicians would do anything to work with the hot, young record producer known as Rolling Deep. R.D. can pick and choose any artist he wants and he wants Laurel Raineau. A classical violinist, Laurel plays soaring music that touches R.D. to his very soul. But the last thing Laurel wants is to work with someone whose exploits with the ladies appear in the tabloids every week. Not one to take no for an answer, R.D. keeps trying and failing to let Laurel know that he’s not the player he’s made out to be. So he introduces himself to her by his real name, Zachary Wilder, hoping to win her over. But it’s Zach who falls under this beauty’s spell. Now it’s only a matter of time before Laurel learns who the man she’s losing her heart to really is, but can she walk away from a passion that feels so right? Previous Picks

Spotlight on Sharon Sala
Author Spotlight / June 22, 2010

I’m sending a great big hello to all the romance readers from hot and sunny Oklahoma. The weather here is something of a mirror to my brand-new Stormfront trilogy. The first book, BLOWN AWAY, a June release, came out just as Oklahoma was being hit by a series of terrible tornadoes. I sat in the cellar in our home with my 90 year old Mother, wondering if my world was going to blow away, just as part of the town of Bordelaise was blown away in my book. The tornado that came through here missed my home by mere blocks, then ripped through the area points East, destroying neighborhoods, injuring more than twenty, and killing a young mother of three. Tragedy echoed in real life. And such is life. The stories we write are often mirrored by the events in which we live. TORN APART, the second book in the Stormfront trilogy is a July release, but should be out by the end of June. This story tracks the tale of a terrible crime that almost goes unpunished because of the tornado. For days, the heroine in that story is under the false impression that her little boy was a…

Suspense And The City Masters Of Literature’s Thriller Genre Are About To Execute An Event So Perfect It’s Almost Criminal
Guests / June 22, 2010

ThrillerFest V, the world’s most diabolically delicious literature festival, chills New York City July 7-10, 2010 at the Grand Hyatt Hotel There’s only one event where New York Times best-selling masters of the art lurk around every corner, agents appear in broad daylight and fans conspire with writers in the wee, small hours of the night – ThrillerFest V, the International Thriller Writers’ fifth annual celebration of their genre and the largest event of its kind in the world. The highlight of the event will be the gala ITW Thriller Awards Banquet on Saturday when the heroes of suspense will be honored: International best-selling author Ken Follett will receive the 2010 ThrillerMaster Award given by 2009 recipient David Morrell. Mark Bowden, author of Black Hawk Down will become the first recipient of the True Thriller Award Brad Meltzer, recipient of the 2009 Silver Bullet Award, will present the 2010 award to Linda Fairstein And this year’s winners in the categories of Best Hardcover Novel, Best Paperback Original, Best First Novel and Best Short Story will be revealed. But the list of the notables doesn’t end there – more than 50 best-selling authors and another 200 up-and-comers will be at the…

Diane Whiteside | In Love With A Wandering Man
Author Guest / June 22, 2010

Here I am, on a cruise ship sailing across the Atlantic without a bit of land anywhere in sight. That pretty much describes exactly where I was when I started to plot THE DEVIL SHE KNOWS – adrift without anywhere to place my hero. Usually we think of a hero – or heroine – as being firmly planted in a single place. Where would Arthur be without Camelot? D’Arcy must have his Pemberly in PRIDE AND PREJUDICE, right? How could Harry Dresden live anywhere but Chicago in Jim Butcher’s THE DRESDEN FILES? I, for one, refuse to imagine Sookie Stackhouse living anywhere but Louisiana. Now put yourself in my shoes. I knew THE DEVIL SHE KNOWS was going to be about Gareth Lowell. After all, he told me at the end of THE IRISH DEVIL that I had to write a book about him. I just nodded and said, yeah, right, mister, you’re maybe eighteen years old, you’ve got some growing up to do before you’ve got enough angst to be interesting… Boy, was I wrong! Gareth reminded me he was still waiting during three more books. He only kept his mouth shut during KISSES LIKE A DEVIL because that…