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Let’s just get this straight: I do not set foot outside during the daylight hours of August unless I absolutely have to. Fortunately for me (and you) there are some fabulous books to spend the day with in air conditioned comfort. Paranormal Most of the fun is taking place in the SF side this month, starting with The Extraordinary Secrets of April, May & June, by Robin Benway. Three sisters (April, May and June) with very different personalities–and extremely different ways of dealing with a new school and their parent’s recent divorce–unexpectedly each develop supernatural abilities one day. (Redevelop, actually.) One can disappear, one can see the future, and one can read minds. Their abilities help them navigate the hell of high school, but when April gets a vision of disaster, they must band together to save the day, and bring peace to their strained family. This is a paranormal for readers who don’t automatically reach for paranormals. It has magic, but it’s not aboutmagic. Or rather, it’s about the magic of family and sisterhood, and rediscovering those bonds. I adored all three sisters, who take turns narrating the tale. The tone is fresh and funny, but also heartwarming and…

Fresh Pick | MONTANA DESTINY by R.C. Ryan
Fresh Pick / August 14, 2010

Montana #2May 2010 On Sale: May 1, 2010 Featuring: Marilee Trainor; Wyatt McCord 352 pages ISBN: 0446548634 EAN: 9780446548632 Mass Market Paperback $6.99 Add to Wish List Romance Buy at Montana Destiny by R.C. Ryan Love is the most dangerous game… Wyatt McCord has spent his adult life looking for a place to call home. His parents craved adventure so they took him from his family’s Montana ranch–the only place he’s ever called home–to show him the world, one exotic country after another. Now, years after their deaths, he’s returned to the Montana ranch he loves, and joined his cousins to fulfill their grandfather’s legacy and search for the hidden treasure on their family land. But man cannot live by legacy alone… Wyatt has never had any trouble with the ladies. In fact, his easy charm and irresistible smile have always gotten him any and every woman he’s ever wanted with no commitments. But Marliee Trainor, the gorgeous redhead medic, captured his eye from the moment he wandered into town and it’s the first time he’s ever wanted to give a woman his heart. So when Marliee joins the McCords in their search for the family treasure, Wyatt is…

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Guests / August 14, 2010

Fresh Pick is COWBOY TROUBLE by Joanne Kennedy a little sizzling mystery and romance for this cowboy! # Lunch at newly opened Chuy's. Food good but suffering from too much mgmt too little servers — at Chuy's # Powered by Twitter Tools

CLEO COYLE | Latte Cup Giveaway and My Recipe for Blueberry Firehall Pancakes!
Author Guest / August 14, 2010

Who love pancakes? Raise your hand! I’ll bet you all have special memories associated with a tall, hot stack, drenched in butter and swimming in sweet syrup. When I think of pancakes, I think of firefighters. Why? Because although I now live in big, bad NYC, I was born and raised in a little town in Western Pennsylvania. Unlike the Big Apple’s 11,000-member force of professional firefighters, my tiny town had a volunteer fire department that raised money with fish fry dinners and pancake breakfasts. (Hence that pancake connection.) I was going to put this tasty recipe in my new Coffeehouse Mystery, Roast Mortem. The book’s storyline was inspired by New York’s firefighters. Of course, we all know about the FDNY’s heroism during 9/11. But I wanted to go deeper. I see these hunky, heroic guys almost every day in my Queens’ neighborhood and decided to research how they work and live—the research is layered into my latest mystery. If you’re not familiar with the Coffeehouse Mysteries, watch the trailer below. I just put it together to help new readers understand the series’ basic set up. What do you think? Oscar worthy? Now for that blueberry pancake recipe! Just click…